Thursday, October 19, 2017


Read excerpt from Brown Girl Dreaming (p.13-18)
Answer the following questions in your ELA notebook:

  • Who is the narrator?
  • What challenges does she face? 
  • How does she deal with these challenges?
  • What has changed recently in her life? 
  • What does she do and say (in the poem) to show how she feels about that change?


Complete first read of "Two Kinds" and add 3+ bullet points to each square of the First Read graphic organizer you drew in your ELA notebook.
Hint: refer back to pg 12 for info on what belongs in each square.

Answer comprehension check questions on pg. 25


Perform second reading of "The Medicine Bag" and complete Close Reading tasks.

  • annotations involve underlining or highlighting in the textbook
  • respond to Question/Conclude prompts in the space provided in the margins
Hint: refer to the annotations for paragraph 1 completed today in class

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6th Grade:

Using the five index cards distributed in class, create visual aid flashcards to help you study vocabulary

  • lined side of the index card: a "show what you know" sentence for each vocab word
  • blank side of the index card: a drawing that illustrates whatever is happening in your sentence

7th Grade

Summarize "Grounded" and write five "show what you know sentences" based on the vocab on pg. 5

8th Grade

Summarize "Red Roses" and write five "show what you know sentences" based on the vocab on pg. 5

Monday, October 16, 2017

HW for 10/16/17

Complete self-assessment on page 4 of your ELA textbook, refer to pre-test for guidance
Fill out vocab table on page 5--READ DIRECTIONS CAREFULLY

  • predict meaning using context clues in the mentor sentences, use dictionary or thesaurus to find two synonyms for each word
Read and annotate the short story on pages 6-7

Thursday, October 12, 2017

7th and 8th Grade

Prepare for in-class essay tomorrow; it will count as a test grade!
Bring the following materials with you to class

  1. your ICE graphic organizers (each body paragraph should be topic sentence+ICE)
  2. your ELA notebooks with notes on claims, topic sentences, and structure for intro/conclusion
  3. an independent reading book for DEAR once you have finished your essay
Note: you may not draft your essay in your notebook beforehand; if you try to copy your essay out of your notebook, I will give you a zero.

6th Grade

Find one piece of evidence that supports each of the three reasons contained in the following claim (3 in total)

Uniforms are beneficial to students; they prevent clothes-related bullying, prepare students for workplace dress codes, and promote school spirit.

Note: This claim should already be in your notes from today's presentation

1) Use the internet to find relevant articles about the benefits of uniforms. 
2) Open a google doc
3) Copy the sentences that would best support each reason if you were using this claim in an essay. Paste them into the doc.
3) Underneath the copy/pasted quotation, please paste the URL of your article. 
4) Share this document with me before school starts tomorrow. 

Note: you do not have to write the paragraphs or the essay; I am assessing your ability to find legitimate news sources on an assigned topic, and your ability to identify strong evidence in a text. 

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Find another news story on the kneeling controversy--you may not use the ones I distributed in class. Choose one strong quote from your news story and use it in an ICE paragraph.

Your source may be print, online, or even a video segment--as long as it is from a legitimate news source. Remember to follow the rules outlined in today's notes. Your HW may be typed, or handwritten in your ELA notebook--if you type it, you must be able to bring in a printed copy. 

Finish your last double-sided graphic organizer; use your classmates' articles from the collaborative document or find a new article on your own. If you didn't do the homework due today or yesterday, I suggest that you do it and hand it in tomorrow.

By Friday, you will have planned out three body paragraphs for each claim. Next week, you will be able to use these graphic organizers during your essay--YOU MAY NOT HAVE ANY OTHER PAPERS WITH YOU DURING THE IN-CLASS ESSAY. 

Write three strong and straightforward topic sentences in preparation for your essay.

Hint: Categorize the debate evidence into groups--avoid overlap. Which key points are best supported with the information you have? Topic sentences should be written in active voice.
Examples from class:

  • Some veterans defend athletes' right to kneel during the anthem, stating that it is one of the freedoms they fought to protect.
  • Some veterans argue that kneeling during the anthem is disrespectful to our flag and our military.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017


Read and highlight two articles

Color 1: Main Idea
Color 2: Supporting Evidence

Complete both sides of your ICE graphic organizer BY TOMORROW

Organize all the information you have gathered over the last week and a half--articles, reflections, evidence--in preparation for the debate.

  • You may type up your notes as long as you can print and bring them to school. 
  • If you do not have access to a working printer, write out your notes and talking points.